Founded in 1979, the QCBS was established so that bird keepers in Queensland could have a united voice on matters that affect aviculture, especially legislation proposed at all levels of government.


The QCBS is made up of Delegates from bird clubs across the state of Queensland whose members keep all avian species considered to be ornamental birds. That is, birds that are not raised and kept commercially as a primary industry such as some poultry, emus etc. that produce eggs, meat, oil and other by-products.


Our affiliated clubs' members keep and breed native and exotic species of finches, softbills, quail, parrots including exhibition budgerigars, canaries, native and exotic doves and pigeons, pheasant and waterfowl.


Aviculture is a hobby not a business


Private aviculture is not a commercial business for the purpose of 'primary production'. As such, birdkeepers receive no tax deductions, government benefits, concessions or assistance.


All fees, licences, travel expenses, power costs, aviaries, buildings, equipment, veterinary treatments and medications, feed and stock are purchased at each aviculturist's private expense.